Privacy statement for our staff

What should be understood from the term "staff"?

This term includes (direct or indirect) employees, flex worker(s), candidate(s), job applicant(s), self-employed with or without personnel, freelancer(s) and temporary worker(s).

What data do we keep from you?

> First and last name;
> Nationality;
> Place and date of birth;
> Gender;
> Marital status;
> National register number;
> Address;
> Personal phone number;
> Personal email;
> Curriculum vitae;
> References;
> Educational information;
> Bank account number.

Why do we need these data?

DenK iP bvba needs information from its employees in order to fulfill a number of tasks as an employer:

> Applying with regulation and legislation (like labor law, social security legislation, fight against fraude…);
> Building and following up personal files and possibly absenteeism files;
> Carrying out salary administration;
> Estimating one’s capabilities for executing a specific instruction or function;
> Stimulating personal development, provide suitable training and potentially subscribe to tests and generating test results
> Giving access to the company network and the software licensed by DenK iP
> Performing (internal) audits.

DenK iP will have to release personal data of its employees to third parties, for example for salary payment and training.