How much will you have to pay?

The price of intellectual property work varies strongly from one assignment to another. Please contact us for a non-binding cost estimate* in advance of our services.

*By definition, a cost estimate is an estimation. Please take into account that the final invoice may differ slightly from the estimate. We never add VAT to a cost estimate.

Invoicing terms and conditions

What do we charge?

Our charges consist of the following constituent parts:

> Fixed office expenses (administrative basic fee);
> An hourly rate that may vary depending on the specialization of our employees, the financial interest and the urgency of the assignment;
> Direct costs for services delivered by third parties (foreign agents, official authorities, translation agencies, courier services, etc.). In case of travel and accomodation expenses or high telephone bills for international calls, , these will also be invoiced;
> Variable costs, such as copy expenses or the cost for stamps (because, yes we have to send things by post even in the digital era we are living).

Even though we deliver qualitative and professional services, we are not able to predict the outcome of intellectual property procedures. Hence, any work performed by our staff for an assignment will be invoiced.

How will you have to pay?

We may ask you to pay an advance invoice depending on the assignment. After that, we will send an invoice for the remaining costs, possibly preceded by one or more intermediate invoices.

Payment should be done for the entire amount mentioned on the invoice, without any discount or debt comparison. When converting currency, the exchange rate on the date of the invoice should be taken into account.

Our invoice has to be paid within 30 days counting from the date of the invoice.

Please find our bank account number below.
IBAN: BE93 7360 1673 2867

What if we have to remind you of an invoice?

We count on a good cooperation and assume you will pay our invoice on time.

However, the payment of an invoice might still be late. The following rules are to be applied to any invoice that has not been paid within the aforementioned 30 day period:

> You will be held in default, this means you did not (entirely) fulfill your obligation(s) or you did not do this (entirely) on time;
> We will charge an interest of 1% on the outstanding amount for every month the invoice remains unpaid;
> We will charge a fixed compensation of 15% on the total outstanding amount.

In case an invoice remains unpaid, we will enable a debt collection agency to retrieve the amount due. DenK iP bvba will furthermore no longer perform any work for ongoing assignments, which may result in the loss of intellectual property rights.