What does your privacy mean to us?

We are convinced that the privacy of our clients (and our employees) is essential. Therefore, we are committed to take the necessary measures to protect your data from unlawful processing and/or loss.

Technical measures:
> Office security systems;
> Limited and secured access to our offices;
> Technical protection like firewall and virus scan.

We spend a lot of time creating awareness among all our employees for them to process data thoughtfully.

Organizational measures:
> All our employees are bound by a confidentiality clause
> There is a clear and strict policy regarding data protection and the use of passwords
> Data protection is permanently part of the training package for our employees

We are aware that the protection of data is a dynamic process that has many challenges . Therefore, we continuously strive to improve our way of working.

Privacy policy

Who is responsible for processing your data?

DenK iP bvba, headquartered in Merelbeke (Ghent):
Hundelgemsesteenweg 1116
9820 Merelbeke (BE)

A second office in Boortmeerbeek (Mechelen):
Leuvensesteenweg 203
3190 Boortmeerbeek (BE)

The VAT number is BE0809963559.

What data do we need from you?

Personal data:

> First and last name;
> Function or qualification;
> Nationality;
> Gender;
> Address;
> Phone number;
> Email address.

Company data:

> Name;
> Address;
> Phone number;
> Legal form;
> VAT number.

In the occuring event:

> Manner in which intellectual property rights were obtained;
> Other file related data

Certain data will necessarily have to be processed by DenK iP in order for us to provide you the requested service(s). This concerns data that should obligatory be mentioned on a patent application and data necessary for invoicing.

We assume the data you provide us with are correct. We are not and cannot be held liable for their accuracy or completeness. In case any changes would occur, please provide us with updated information as soon as possible.

Why do we need these data?

We process your personal data, your employees' personal data or people's data received through you for following purposes:

> Providing our services: studying patentability of inventions, writing patent applications, providing advice, filing and following-up patent applications, communicating with patent authorities, all on your request;
> Communicating with you (by phone, email or post) with respect to these services, including asking and receiving your instructions, informing you about the status of your file, passing information from official authorities;
> Filing and follow-up of a patent application;
> Composing and sending official documents (like a power of attorney, a filing document, a granted patent);
> Informing you about developments with respect to patents or intellectual property in general, or about company specific useful information (holidays etc.) for example by sending a newsletter or by organizing seminars;
> Invoicing and the follow-up thereof.

In some circumstances we might release personal data from you:

> In case it is lawfully allowed or even obliged (for example in court);
> In case we have to forward to third parties in order to fulfill the assignment: official domestic or foreign authorities or colleagues from foreign offices (for example for filing a patent application).

Please note that part of these data will be published by the official authority (your name, nationality, address). This is part of the application procedure and thus possibly part of the assignment we agreed upon.

The lawful basis for processing:
> When you are our client, processing personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us for delivering our services.
> When you are an employee of our client and you are the contact person, processing your personal data is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interest pursued by our client in order to optimize its IP and therefore relies on our services.
> When we received your personal data through our client (for example because you are an inventor), processing your personal data is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interest pursued by our client in order to optimize its IP and therefor relies on our services.
> With regard to processing and using mail addresses for sending newsletters and invitations to seminars, we believe it is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interest of DenK iP in order to inform its clients about developments in intellectual property rights in general and company specific information (holidays etc.).

How long do we keep your data?

We only keep your personal data as long as needed for follow-up of active files or for any possible future services and, after termination of our cooperation, as long as necessary for fiscal or legal purposes.

What are your rights with respect to your data?

Please note that some data cannot be deleted from our system due to pre-existing legislation.

> You can request for your data and ask us for correction;
> You can ask to delete your data;
> You can refuse automated data processing (where algorithms are applied to your data);
> You can ask us to transfer your data to another party.

For this, you can always contact us by phone or email. Please find our contact details on the contact page of our website. We will grant your request to the extent possible. Should this not be the case, we will inform you and communicate the reason.