We tried to formulate our terms and conditions as clear and transparent as possible. Should you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.
If you prefer the official, difficult version please visit the download page of this website.

We reserve the right to adapt these terms and conditions in connection with regulatory changes and/or continuous improvement of our way of working. Therefore, we recommend to regularly visit our website and read the terms and conditions.

General terms and conditions

What services do we provide?

We help you protect your intellectual property, which may consist of inventions, brands, models and copyrights.

In order to protect your invention we draft an application and, based on your instructions, communicate with all official authorities in order for you to obtain a property right.

Our offices are authorized to file applications in Belgium and Europe.

Should you wish to seek protection in other parts of the world, we cooperate with our colleagues from reputable foreign offices.

What do we promise you?

Quality is our priority. We deliver our services to the best of our abilities and guarantee an utmost professional execution of the agreed assignment. Please note that intellectual property rights require subjective assessment and work in this field should always be regarded as advisory.

We comply with the rules of conduct that apply in professional practice. This means that our staff is bound to professional secrecy with regard to both your inventions and your personal information. This means we will not tell anyone about your invention.

DenK iP bvba is not liable for any damages or loss that might occur following the delivery of our services. In case this damage or loss would be caused by willful conduct or gross negligence on our behalf, then the liability of DenK iP is limited up to € 1.022.584.

If, with the execution of the assignment, physical damage to persons or property is caused, for which DenK iP is liable, then this liability can only be recoverd at DenK iP bvba and is limited to the amount covered by the civil liability insurance that DenK iP covers.

What if you would not be satisfied with our service?

We do our utmost to provide each client with the best possible service. However, in the unlikely event of a complaint about our services we would be happy to hear from you.

We kindly request to receive any complaints in writing, within 30 days (an email is sufficient to this end). All necessary information can be found on the contact page of our website. The client may not enforce any claims against DenK iP after the expiry of the terms specified above.