Marc Van Bladel

Marc is Belgian, born in Lier in 1964. He is a Dutch native speaker, is fluent in English and French and has a working knowledge of German, Spanish and Italian.

Marc holds a master’s degree in electrotechnical engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

After his studies he worked as a researcher in the field of digital signal processing and digital communication systems for more than ten years. In 2002 he started in intellectual property. He has always worked in private practice.

He gained a lot of experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, especially, but not exclusively, in the field of electrotechnical engineering and ICT. He also is experienced in performing novelty searches and in providing opinions on patentability, freedom-to-operate, invalidity and infringement.

Marc is a European Patent Attorney who started working for DenK iP in September 2011.