10 year DenK iP: speeches and bubbles

Our story started in 2009: we called our dream DenK iP!

Soon it seemed that we would not be able to accomplish our goals on our own. That is why our fantastic team has been created over the years. Indeed, only teamwork can make the dream work! Every team member makes contributions based on their unique skills, thus serving the needs of our clients. But we all make a personal commitment to fight for your intellectual property rights. We all strive for quality. And we do all this in a no-nonsense approach.

In the meantime we write 2019. Already. Ten years after our day one. A moment to look back and reflect. To say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to DenK iP over the past ten years.
We invited our wonderful team to a 10th anniversary celebration weekend. It was filled with games and quizzes, speeches and bubbles, friendship and laughter. We had a great time!

We are looking forward to co-operating with all of you, and getting to great results, in the following 10 years and beyond.

Kris and Davy